Sunday, May 22, 2011

“If You’re Eating Too Much, Something May Be Eating Away at You”

Written by Saba Al-fuhaid, GUST

While the term ‘comfort food’ has no definitive definition, most of us attribute it with feelings of guilt, especially during times of stress and anxiety. Kirsten Galisson of Psychology Today examined the psychological aspect of our cravings for food, and came to the conclusion that every individual is, in fact, an emotional eater, to some degree. Interestingly enough, studies also show that, in times of increased stress, men and women actually crave different foods. While women are usually drawn to high-energy snacks loaded with sugar and fat, men are more likely to indulge in hot dishes, including - but not limited to - soups, pastas and steaks. Extensive research has also proven that stress is more pronounced in college women, especially during the period leading up to the final examination week. While it is a common phenomenon, one cannot ignore the fact that it can also take a worrisome toll on your health. Among other things, overeating in times of stress can develop into a habit that can be carried out of college, in which case it is crucial to try and deal with it and learn to balance your schedules accordingly. It has also been proven that kicking the habit of procrastination that most college students possess is the first step to getting rid of the majority of the stress that weighs on us. Getting enough sleep also helps. In summation, it is crucial to recognize the difference between actual and emotional hunger, as slowly learning to deal with the situations that may trigger the latter eventually proves to be the greatest source of comfort and accomplishment.

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