Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crowne Plaza

It’s the most luxurious hotel in Kuwait and other countries. Yes it’s Crown plaza. All you want is there. It has many various types of restaurants that are international and local. What is making Crown Plaza a very well know restaurant that all people like you to have special nights there is atmosphere and calmness of the entrance, the warm welcome from the waiters and the high quality of the food. The most important thing we have to mention it that Crown Plaza has 20 awards, which means that it deserves to be one of the most famous restaurants worldwide. Their mission that is “To do everything we can to guarantee a ‘wow’ experience for every guest in the hotel so they would love our hotel and keep coming back.” Helps the restaurant to have a very special reputation among visitors. Also, its vision has a different taste like its dishes which is “Great Hotels Guests Love” that can explain to us their good work and high experience that make them be on the top of the greatest restaurants.

(1)  Dining at Crown plaza:

·        Al Ahmadi International
·        Sakura Japanese Restaurant.
·        Fauchon Home.
·        Rib Eye Steak House.
·        Viaggio Italian Restaurant.
·        Ayam Zaman Lebanese
·        Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant.
·        Shabestan Iranian Restaurant.
you can order online from these restaurants through 
for extra assistance and reservation contact 24757775

(2)  Rib Eye steak house:
The finest steakhouse in town offers a unique taste of food, perfect service and an excellent service, which is designed to the motif of the Country/ Western mountain lodge in the rich steakhouse tradition. Their steak is special which is char-grilled to perfection, authentic appetizers, wholesome burgers, sumptuous sandwiches, seasonal salads and delicious desserts. The country music atmosphere, with various types of dishes, a wide beverages selection and professional service will really surprise the visitors. Enjoy the American style restaurant, believe me it’s the perfect place to hang out there with friends or family. 

Rib Eye starters

Rib Eye main course, smothered chicken 

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