Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crowne Plaza

It’s the most luxurious hotel in Kuwait and other countries. Yes it’s Crown plaza. All you want is there. It has many various types of restaurants that are international and local. What is making Crown Plaza a very well know restaurant that all people like you to have special nights there is atmosphere and calmness of the entrance, the warm welcome from the waiters and the high quality of the food. The most important thing we have to mention it that Crown Plaza has 20 awards, which means that it deserves to be one of the most famous restaurants worldwide. Their mission that is “To do everything we can to guarantee a ‘wow’ experience for every guest in the hotel so they would love our hotel and keep coming back.” Helps the restaurant to have a very special reputation among visitors. Also, its vision has a different taste like its dishes which is “Great Hotels Guests Love” that can explain to us their good work and high experience that make them be on the top of the greatest restaurants.

(1)  Dining at Crown plaza:

·        Al Ahmadi International
·        Sakura Japanese Restaurant.
·        Fauchon Home.
·        Rib Eye Steak House.
·        Viaggio Italian Restaurant.
·        Ayam Zaman Lebanese
·        Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant.
·        Shabestan Iranian Restaurant.
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(2)  Rib Eye steak house:
The finest steakhouse in town offers a unique taste of food, perfect service and an excellent service, which is designed to the motif of the Country/ Western mountain lodge in the rich steakhouse tradition. Their steak is special which is char-grilled to perfection, authentic appetizers, wholesome burgers, sumptuous sandwiches, seasonal salads and delicious desserts. The country music atmosphere, with various types of dishes, a wide beverages selection and professional service will really surprise the visitors. Enjoy the American style restaurant, believe me it’s the perfect place to hang out there with friends or family. 

Rib Eye starters

Rib Eye main course, smothered chicken 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

“If You’re Eating Too Much, Something May Be Eating Away at You”

Written by Saba Al-fuhaid, GUST

While the term ‘comfort food’ has no definitive definition, most of us attribute it with feelings of guilt, especially during times of stress and anxiety. Kirsten Galisson of Psychology Today examined the psychological aspect of our cravings for food, and came to the conclusion that every individual is, in fact, an emotional eater, to some degree. Interestingly enough, studies also show that, in times of increased stress, men and women actually crave different foods. While women are usually drawn to high-energy snacks loaded with sugar and fat, men are more likely to indulge in hot dishes, including - but not limited to - soups, pastas and steaks. Extensive research has also proven that stress is more pronounced in college women, especially during the period leading up to the final examination week. While it is a common phenomenon, one cannot ignore the fact that it can also take a worrisome toll on your health. Among other things, overeating in times of stress can develop into a habit that can be carried out of college, in which case it is crucial to try and deal with it and learn to balance your schedules accordingly. It has also been proven that kicking the habit of procrastination that most college students possess is the first step to getting rid of the majority of the stress that weighs on us. Getting enough sleep also helps. In summation, it is crucial to recognize the difference between actual and emotional hunger, as slowly learning to deal with the situations that may trigger the latter eventually proves to be the greatest source of comfort and accomplishment.

chocolate-chip cookies
fresh fruit salad

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The Chocolate Bar Heavens

There are plenty of top class restaurants in Kuwait, but whether you’re just looking to grab a quick milk chocolate shut, or to indulge yourself in a total chocolate bliss; then Chocolate Bar is your best bet. No wonder such place is so popular beginning with the warm inviting interior with the cocoa beans d├ęcor and the melting glamour of pink, brown and violet colors that sets your mood and refreshes your senses while walking into the Bar escorted by a lovely waitress with a friendly smile. Glancing at the menu would leave you indecisive between the unlimited delicious dishes, such as the mouth watering Pain Au Chocolate Bread Pudding, the smooth looking Fondue, and then you would think the Chocolate Truffle Cake would be just perfect, then again you go back to Gooey Hot Chocolate Cake in a Cup because it was divine last time. All those guilty pleasures give you the ultimate feeling of happiness. You can literally taste heaven in Chocolate Bar.

Pain Au Chocolate Bread Pudding

                         Flavored Fondue