Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Chocolate Bar Heavens

There are plenty of top class restaurants in Kuwait, but whether you’re just looking to grab a quick milk chocolate shut, or to indulge yourself in a total chocolate bliss; then Chocolate Bar is your best bet. No wonder such place is so popular beginning with the warm inviting interior with the cocoa beans décor and the melting glamour of pink, brown and violet colors that sets your mood and refreshes your senses while walking into the Bar escorted by a lovely waitress with a friendly smile. Glancing at the menu would leave you indecisive between the unlimited delicious dishes, such as the mouth watering Pain Au Chocolate Bread Pudding, the smooth looking Fondue, and then you would think the Chocolate Truffle Cake would be just perfect, then again you go back to Gooey Hot Chocolate Cake in a Cup because it was divine last time. All those guilty pleasures give you the ultimate feeling of happiness. You can literally taste heaven in Chocolate Bar.

Pain Au Chocolate Bread Pudding

                         Flavored Fondue

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